Yamalube maramice za čišćenje vizira

Yamalube maramice za čišćenje vizira

795,24 kn - 105.55 636.19 HRK

Bez PDV-a: 636,19 kn - 84.44
EUR (tečaj) = 7,53450

 1-3 dni

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Visibility is an important factor when riding a motorcycle so a clean visor is paramount. Cleaning a visor while on the move without the right materials can lead to permanent damage to the visor that is often expensive to replace. Yamalube® Visor & Helmet Cleaner is the ideal solution to cleaning the helmet and visor while on the go.

  • Scratch and streak-free cleaner
  • In handy ready-to-use wipe format
  • Includes polishing cloth
  • Especially suitable for all types of visors (clear, tinted, mirrored or with anti-fog coating)
  • With wet and dry cloth
  • In small packs, ideal for on the road

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