Yamalube® 4-S 0W-30 Snowmobile

Yamalube® 4-S 0W-30 Snowmobile

1.914,31 kn 1531.45 HRK

Bez PDV-a: 1.531,45 kn

5-7 Dana

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Fully synthetic engine oil for Yamaha 4-stroke snowmobiles designed to withstand low temperatures.

  • Specifically designed for Yamaha 4-S Snowmobile engines operating at extremely low to standard temperatures
  • Unique cold weather formula provides ultimate protection to engine parts during cold start at extremely low temperatures
  • Provides pumpability at extremely low temperatures
  • Resists oxidation to prevent carbon/varnish formation, control oil & fuel consumption and minimises emissions
  • Outstanding corrosion and rust protection of vital engine parts (both in running & idle conditions)
  • Very good engine cleanliness and anti-wear protection

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