Off-Road Bodywarmer – Adult

Off-Road Bodywarmer – Adult

0.0 HRK

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5-7 Dana

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Featuring a striking new style that’s been inspired by some of Yamaha’s classic Off-Road designs from the past, Yamaha’s 2020 Off-Road Gear range is manufactured from durable, lightweight materials. This packable bodywarmer was designed to keep you warm before or after your ride, or any training sessions. It is perfect for transitional weather, if you get hot you can pack your bodywarmer in its back pocket and easily carry it around your waist with its strap.

  • Softshell fabric, with banana back style
  • Water resistant and breathable sleeveless jacket
  • Stand-up collar
  • Packable in its back pocket
  • Zippered chest and lower front pockets

Tabela velikosti Yamaha: TABELA

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