Ključavnica O/M

Ključavnica O/M

1.149,04 kn 919.23 HRK

Bez PDV-a: 919,23 kn

5-7 Dana

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Lock that prevents the clamps of the Yamaha outboard engine to be opened and therewith the lock protects your outboard engine against theft.   * Improved YAM Lock Pro! * Extra welded rim in the middle of the lock makes it virtually impossible to break it open * Anti-drill protection * Universal fitment * Including rubber against resonance   Specifications: - Material: Stainless steel - CE/T\u00DCV/WVTA/SCM approval: SCM-approved - Mounting hardware: N/A - Suitable for: Outboard engines with clamps hand-bolted to the mirror of the boat  

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